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Dec 2

Farm Kings Season One Finale & Live Twitter Chat with Pete King!

Farm Kings

Farm Kings

If you missed the season finale of Farm Kings this past Thursday, have no fear! You can catch a re-airs of the episode on GAC in the coming weeks! In the episode, the Kings work to get as much out of their fields as they can before winter comes. While dealing with the added stress of drought, hail damage and five lost weeks of crops, Tim and Pete go down for the count, putting all of Freedom Farms in jeopardy.

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Before the finale, GAC hosted a live Twitter chat with Pete King. He answered questions from fans using hashtag #FarmKings on everything from what the best movie he’s ever seen is (Last of the Mohicans) to the last album he listened to (Johnny Cash) to how many girlfriends Mama King has scared off (as many as he’s asked her to).

Check out all the questions and answers from our Twitter chat with Pete here:

Question 1 comes from @Kelly8475 – Pete, what made you go into farming? #farmkings

Answer 1 My mom & dad made me start doing it and I just kept doing it. I’ve always done it, might as well keep doing it. #farmkings

Question 2 is a great farming ? from @HeatherAwtry What are the best vegetables or fruits to plant that do not require alot of sun

Answer 2 Carrots, cabbage, lettuce, cold crops don’t require much sun. #farmkings

Question 3 #farmkings @HopeCiara wants to know if you have a “dream job”, what it is, and would you leave farming for it?

Answer 3 I wouldn’t give up farming for another job. You do everything, that’s what makes you a farmer. Pretty bound to the ground. #farmkings

Question 4 #FARMKINGS – we see a lot of dogs on the show – @westcoast_ wants to know if you are the animal lover of the family

Answer 4 Yeah I guess. I like spending time with the livestock, it’s fun to do. Then again, I do kill them at the end of it all…. #farmkings

Question 5 #FARMKINGS The end is near – @1kaylabrooke1 wants to know how you feel about tonight being the last episode of the season

Answer 5 It’s sad. Quite sad, actually. I’ve enjoyed them thoroughly. #farmkings

Question 6 #FARMKINGS Self evaluation time @WendyNewcomer wants to know what you learned about yourself while filming season 1

Answer 6 I learned that I’m too hard on Dan and my voice is slightly annoying. #farmkings

Question 7 #FARMKINGS @jessicahance93 wants to know if it’s hard working with your family (we saw you and Dan go at it in episode 1)

Answer 7 Yes, it can be. #farmkings

Question 8 #farmkings from @aS3production Great one! What do you think life would be like if you had 9 sisters instead of 8 brothers?

Answer 8 It would be terrifying. #farmkings

Question 9 #farmkings Time for some fill in the blank! The best movie I ever saw was …..

Answer 9 Last of the Mohicans. #farmkings

Question 10 is a good one from @theMindofMarisa – How many of your girlfriends has Mama Bear scared away? #farmkings

Answer 10 All the ones I asked her too. #farmkings

Question 11 #farmkings @SaraJessica8 is curious about what do you guys do in the winter

Answer 11 Maintenance, get another job, sleep some, get ready for next season. #farmkings

Question 12#farmkings We get lots about Ben – @foxygrlz wants to know what Ben thinks about seeing his family on tv

Answer 12 He loves it. He loves being on tv and he loves seeing us on tv. He’s watched our profile videos like 6,000 times. #farmkings

Question 13#farmkings Time to pick favorites @KelseyColon27 wants to know which brother you get along with the best …and worst?

Answer 13 The younger half are my favorite, they’re cool. Dan’s a pain in the butt. #farmkings

Question 14 is out last one of the night (time to watch #farmkings) – @dana_OOOO wants to know what cd or artist you listened to last?

Answer 14 Johnny Cash. #farmkings

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