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Oct 3

Scotty McCreery Leads a Double Life Ahead of New Album

Scotty McCreery Leads a Double Life Ahead of New Album

Scotty McCreery photo by Russ Harrington, courtesy of UMG Nashville.

Scotty McCreery leads a bit of a double life as a college student by day, country star by night. While he’s on the road about four days a week, Mondays and Wednesdays puts him in class at North Carolina State University. While plenty of people recognize him on campus, his classmates generally give him his space.

“I think if they weren’t and it was kind of getting crazy, I wouldn’t be able to do it — one, for me, but two, because it would be a distraction to all the other students,” he told The Roanoke Times.But I walk around there most of the time with no hat, no hoodie, no nothing. … And obviously there will be a couple of times a day I’ll get stopped for a picture or an autograph or somebody just wanting to say hey. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s been really tame, really great.”

October is setting up to be a big month for Scotty. Not only does he turn 20 on October 9, he will also release his sophomore album, See You Tonight, on October 15. While Scotty’s voice tends to drift to the more traditional country sound, he’s a fan of all music and offered up his thoughts on the changing landscape of country music.

“When you listen to rap music in the ’90s and then listen to it today, there’s been changes there, too,” he said. “Everything changes. I don’t think country music is going in particularly one direction. I don’t think it’s going pop. I don’t think it’s going rock. I don’t think it’s going hip-hop. I think it’s just going more mainstream. I think it gets more people listening to country music. And by listening to somebody’s country [music channel on] Pandora or Spotify, like Florida Georgia Line, they might hear George Jones, where they never heard George Jones before. So I just think we’re broadening our horizon in country music. And I dig it.”

With his new album, Scotty worked with his team to include both traditional and contemporary sounds. Scotty also co-wrote five tracks, including his latest single “See You Tonight.” He didn’t receive songwriter credit on his debut album, but has been enjoying learning and improving his writing process .

“When I was younger, in high school and stuff, I remember writing songs like the Taylor Swift songs, and getting all kinds of girls mad at me for writing the breakup songs,” he said. “I was like, it’s one of those things where you’re putting your thoughts on paper and into a song.

“I enjoy doing it, and especially in Nashville, working with the guys that have been doing it forever now and have got it all figured out,” he continued. “I’m learning from them, and I think that’s good for me as a young artist to sit down and work with guys that have been writing hits for the big dogs for a long time now. I am extremely pumped about this record. I wish Oct. 15 was today.”

Read Scotty’s full interview with The Roanoke Times >>


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