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Feb 5

Exclusive: Sarah Darling’s Wedding Diary — How to Use Social Media in Your Wedding

Exclusive: Sarah Darling's Wedding Diary -- How to Use Social Media in Your Wedding

Sarah Darling tries on a beautiful wedding dress. Is it “the one”? Follow this Great American Country blog series to find out which one she chose for the big day! Photo by Sara Kauss Photography.

Sarah Darling and James Muriel tied the knot in a secret spur-of-the-moment ceremony back in April — but they’re still planning a big Nashville wedding in May 2014 to celebrate with family and friends! Sarah’s sharing her personal wedding diary exclusively with Great American Country. She’ll take us along on the whole journey, from the dress to the flowers to the big day. Check back every other Wednesday for a new post from Sarah!

The Trending Bride

Welcome to blog number four! Can you believe it’s almost February!? Only a few months until the wedding day! It all goes so fast. For any of you who are planning a wedding right now, I hope you are enjoying the process of it all. That journey is the best part. Last time we talked about decor and flowers – and by the way, I’ve become obsessed with a flower called an anemone. Google it!

Sarah Darling making French Macarons

Photo courtesy of Sarah Darling.

I’ve also been making tons of French Macarons in all shapes, colors and sizes (photos above). I secretly have been practicing to make my own wedding cake. Yes, I said it! For those of you who know me, you know my love for baking, especially French baking! I thought it would be fun to add a personal touch to the wedding. I’ll let you know where I get to in the next blog. Those Macarons can be fickle to make!

In social media, a goal is to “trend” on Twitter or Facebook using hashtags. As a country music artist, social media has become my direct line to fans from all over the world. I love being able to connect with people who love the same things I do. So I was thinking, ‘Why not use social media for the best day of your life?’ There’s no better day to trend! Of course it may not have the same response as the #royalwedding with Kate and Wills but it’s fun and it’s your day.

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Trending tips: Think about all the amazing things that brought you and your husband-to-be together. Do you have any special memories – something  that is unique to just the two of you? When I was thinking about this for James and me, my mind immediately went to an ocean scene. We spent a year and a half doing a long distance relationship. For any of you who have experienced that, it is not for the weak! I do believe it makes you stronger. There were so many times I would think about the Atlantic Ocean in between us.

One day I sent James this beautiful song via email called “Ocean Size Love” by Leigh Nash. Every word was written for us, I swear! That’s why I think #OCEANSIZELOVE is the most perfect hashtag for us! Don’t get me wrong, we could have gone with #Murielwedding2014 or #DarlingBrit but #OCEANSIZELOVE is perfect. So do me a favor. If you have any questions about wedding planning or want to send James and me a special message after reading this, use the hashtag #OCEANSIZELOVE. We would love to see it. What’s your unique hashtag?

Bachelorette Party: Social media doesn’t have to be only on the big day. Everyone knows that at any major event you are taking more selfies than you can count – admit it! It’s a fun way to share experiences with your bridal party too. In fact, you could even come up with a hashtag for that. It’s basically your own little campaign. It’s also a fun way to see how much fun you had on your night out with the girls and share photos. My personal favorite photo sharing site is Instagram. I’m a sucker for the Valencia filter. I’m convinced everything looks good with a filter on it! It’s important to capture these wonderful moments, like a photo with your mom and grandmother showing three generations. They may be your favorite shots! So have fun and be creative.

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It certainly is 2014 when I’m suggesting you hashtag your own wedding, but you wouldn’t believe how awesome it can be when you’re looking back on the memories. There are always new ways of using social media. Displaying chalkboards at the events leading up to your wedding are a really easy way to get the word out about your hashtag – just make sure your guests see it as soon as they arrive! Those are awesome for decor as well. So whether you are 13 or 30, a hashtag can say a thousand words. Until the next post – please follow my adventures on social media!

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