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Apr 16

Exclusive: Sarah Darling’s Wedding Diary — The Wedding Registry

Exclusive: Sarah Darling's Wedding Diary -- Bachelorette Bliss

Sarah Darling tries on a beautiful wedding dress. Is it “the one”? Follow this Great American Country blog series to find out which one she chose for the big day! Photo by Sara Kauss Photography.

Sarah Darling and James Muriel tied the knot in a secret spur-of-the-moment ceremony back in April 2013 — but they’re still planning a big Nashville wedding in May 2014 to celebrate with family and friends! Sarah’s sharing her personal wedding diary exclusively with Great American Country. She’ll take us along on the whole journey, from the dress to the flowers to the big day. Check back every other Wednesday for a new post from Sarah!

The Wedding Registry:
This your chance to create the dream wish list for your home and new life together. What could easily be considered one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding sometimes ends up becoming stressful and overwhelming. It’s also extremely hard in the moment to pick things you actually like as a couple! Imagine yourself in a busy department store thinking of what you’ve always dreamed of. I find myself asking, ‘Do I really need a cake pop machine?’ I don’t know about you but I get hot flashes in those situations, and immediately want to beeline to the nearest Starbucks!

That’s when online shopping comes in. In fact, James and I chose a lot of our registry online. To avoid ending up with dozens of serving dishes, mismatched plates and no flatware at all, really take the time to register things that you both will like — and will want — in your new place together.

There are also questions to ask yourself: What type of couple are you? Do you both like cooking? Entertaining? Are you adventure seekers? Do you enjoy wine, cocktails, or beer? All of the above, none of the above? How you answer these questions will determine what you should be registering for. When you get down to it, James and I are all of the above.

We both definitely love cooking. I think if we had our way, we would have every kitchen gadget imaginable. Before James moved to Nashville, we would do Skype cooking together! We also love to travel and enjoy nice bottles of vino. Now it’s getting fun! This is the perfect way to start your registering.

Another point to consider: where you’ll be living after the big day and how much storage space you have. Sure, you might want all the new Martha Stewart kitchen gear, but where on earth are you going to put them?

One night, James and I grabbed a bottle of wine and signed up online for our selected wedding registries. Who says you have to go in the store? You can drink a glass of wine and shop! I recommend not registering at too many places. Limit it to 3 or 4. Also make sure both of you have input during this process. I’m more of an Anthropologie type of girl while James loves Restoration Hardware.

Exclusive: Sarah Darling's Wedding Diary -- The Wedding Registry

Photo courtesy of Reiko Kaneko.

James and I love supporting our friends, too. We have a friend, Reiko Kaneko, who creates beautiful Bone china in the UK. You also want to give price options. Don’t have high-priced gifts. I think Target is a fabulous place to register. And let’s not forget Macy’s! For great cooking items, check out Williams-Sonoma.

Another tip: If you and your love can’t decide on colors, the safe bet is always white. It may be boring but it’s classic. And most important, make sure you keep a list of people to thank for all of your wonderful gifts! Thank you so much for keeping up with the wedding blog. The big day is coming soon!
Sarah Darling


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