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Dec 27

Colt Ford, Hunter Hayes, Josh Kelley & More Reveal New Year’s Resolutions

Colt Ford

Colt Ford photo courtesy of Average Joes Entertainment.

With 2013 arriving in just a matter of days, everybody is starting to think about those pesky resolutions that seem to haunt us soon after wrapping up the Christmas festivities. Some hope to lose weight while others vow to spend more time with friends and family, enjoying the simple things in life.

Country stars are no different. We recently chatted with some of your favorite stars to find out exactly what’s on their list of resolutions as we welcome 2013 with open arms!

Colt Ford: To lose weight … I swear I mean it this year [laughs]!

Love And Theft:
Stephen Barker Liles: I want to spend more time with my mom and my little brother. I don’t get to spend enough time with them. I think that’s the biggest thing. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

Eric Gunderson: To have as much fun next year as I did this year.

Justin Moore: I usually don’t make resolutions because I usually break them. Anything that I figure I’m going to fail at, I don’t generally do. I’m too prideful. The only thing that I do knowing that I suck at it is golf.

The Bellamy Brothers:
David Bellamy: I think our resolution is to just keep on keeping on. I see people make resolutions, but really if you can just keep on… We still enjoy what we do. I think it’s important to us to keep it up, and sometimes that’s not always easy.

Howard Bellamy: As long as you, your family and your friends are all healthy and happy, that’s really all you can ask for.

Hunter Hayes: I think I’m going to try to Continue Reading


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Dec 20

Florida Georgia Line, Hunter Hayes, Eric Church & More Stars Share Family Christmas Traditions

The stockings are officially hung by the chimney with care, waiting for Santa Claus to make his arrival!  We asked some of your favorite country stars what holiday traditions they carry on in their homes each year and here’s what they had to say:

Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line photo courtesy of Republic Nashville.

Florida Georgia Line:
Brian Kelley:
We always eat, go drive around and look at Christmas lights, and then go to candlelight service. I’m looking forward to me, mom and dad and my sister spending some time together. During the holidays, we like to sit on the couch and watch the Dog Whisperer and catch up on TV shows while drinking coffee. Just hanging out and laying low. I’m really looking forward to that this year.

Tyler Hubbard: We also go to candlelight service and go home and do a Christmas Eve dinner. We open up a few gifts that night. I’ve got a younger sister who just turned 12, so it’s still fun to go to bed early and wait for Santa Claus to come and all that stuff. I look forward to going home this year for Christmas.

Dustin Lynch: My granddad’s favorite movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Growing up the family would get together and watch it. This started a tradition of “Eddie Gifts” for all the sons and grandsons so every Christmas morning we all simultaneously open up our gifts from “Eddie.” It usually is a really obscure, funny object or joke in the movie. I love it!  [Christmas Bonus: Get Dustin's mom's Apple Pie recipe here >>]

Justin Moore: We open presents on Christmas Eve. Some people do, some people don’t. That’s what I did growing up. Then we get our “Santa gifts” Christmas morning. Usually that’s the big gifts. Last year with the kids, we started doing it at our house. It’s funny, the older you get you kind of take on a different role. You go from being a kid that depends on your parents for everything and the older you get and the older they get, you swap roles. We started having them over to our house for everything. They spend the night with us on Christmas Eve, that way they can see the girls open their presents on Christmas morning, so that’s fun.

Eric Church

Eric Church photo courtesy of Capitol Nashville.

Eric Church:We always travel to North Carolina for Christmas. We always do Christmas morning and breakfast up there with my mom and dad. It will be great to bring Boone into that environment. It will be the first time he has really gotten to do that and know that he’s there. I’m just looking forward to having a little time off, coming into next year. Then I need to try and figure out Continue Reading


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