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Aug 4

Eli Young Band’s Crowds Get Loud

Eli Young Band photo courtesy of Republic Nashville.

Eli Young Band is enjoying a lot of success lately, including recently celebrating their second No. 1 single, “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.” One of the coolest things for the band has been hearing the crowds singing along louder and louder with each passing show.

“There was one thing that we really noticed pretty early on with “Crazy Girl” was the crowd singing this song back and how gradually they got louder and louder and louder,” Mike Eli said. “There was actually a point where we had to change the way we started the song because the crowd was so loud that we couldn’t hear the count off to start the song.” Continue Reading


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Apr 18

Eli Young Band Is Glad Success Came the Hard Way

Eli Young Band photo courtesy of HBPR.

Eli Young Band is enjoying a wave of success that includes a No. 1 song, an ACM Award for Song of the Year for “Crazy Girl,” and opening slots on some of the biggest tours in country music. The band has worked long and hard for this moment, but they don’t hold a grudge against fellow artists who  may have had an easier path to stardom.

“We try really hard to not be judgmental about the way that other people get there, but we like the way we did it and we feel like we appreciate it a lot,” Mike Eli said.

The band wouldn’t trade the experiences they’ve had along the way, nor the lessons they’ve learned. While stars like Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and Scotty McCreery have become household names on shows like American Idol, Eli Young Band doesn’t think that route would have worked for them.

“I think you look at Carrie Underwood and some of the huge, huge monster talent that’s come out of those [shows and] it’s undeniable that was the perfect way for her to get to center stage,” Jon Jones said. “But something like that I don’t think would have been for us.” Continue Reading


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Apr 16

GAC Album Review: Lee Brice’s Hard 2 Love

Lee Brice

Lee Brice's 2012 CD, Hard 2 Love. Photo courtesy of Curb Records.

South Carolina native Lee Brice has made a lasting impression on Nashville’s Music Row. A look at the Billboard charts over the past few years reveals that the 32-year-old singer/songwriter has quickly become one of the most recognizable names in country music. In 2010, it was his own single “Love Like Crazy” that nabbed the title of radio’s Most Played Country Song, and in 2011, it was his co-write of Eli Young Band’s “Crazy Girl” that received the same honor. Now, fresh off of winning the 2012 ACM Song of the Year award for “Crazy Girl” earlier this month, Lee is set to release his sophomore album for Curb Records.

Hard 2 Love, hitting stores April 24, is a 13-song collection that shows off why Lee has become one of the most in-demand artists in Music City. Mixing a touch for vivid lyrical imagery, a talent for crafting hook-filled melodies and a passionate vocal approach, Lee sets the bar high while displaying his continued growth as an artist.

“A Woman Like You,” the album’s ultra catchy first single, is a fine example of why Lee’s brand of country music has struck such a chord. There’s a certain brilliance in the way he effortlessly appeals to both male and female fans. Guided by a gentle acoustic melody, Lee warmly describes the virtues of bachelorhood, including the freedom to go fishing whenever and having all the time in the world to be a good football fan, while also conveying the message that, If I was a single man alone and out there on the loose / I’d be looking for a woman like you. On the piano-based ballad “See About A Girl,” Lee’s relatable everyman lyrics of telling old stories and stretching the truth while out at the bar with his buddies gives way to emphasizing the importance of his girlfriend and heading home when she calls. On this song, and throughout the record, Lee’s voice soulfully delivers the emotions of the song.

Though they have different tempos and overall feels, the bluesy “Don’t Believe Everything You Think” and the ringing “Life Off My Years” (co-written with Eric Church) both display Lee’s passionate vocals. While most are running from the wildfires / I can’t wait to get too close, he sings on the latter with a smoldering intensity. On title-track “Hard To Love,” an expansive bass line and textured acoustic guitars support the song’s introspective themes. I’m hard to love / No, I don’t make it easy, Lee sings before admitting, I couldn’t do it if I stood where you stood.

The successful delivery of each song’s true essence stands out on Hard 2 Love. The stellar, and somber, “I Drive Your Truck” features weighty subject matter while Lee’s voice shoulders the struggle of processing a brother’s death. Continue Reading


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Apr 10

GAC Album Review: Logan Mize’s Nobody In Nashville

Logan Mize

Logan Mize's 2012 CD, Nobody In Nashville. Photo courtesy of Rubin Media.

Somewhere between the rough edges of Texas Red Dirt and the expansive, open guitars of the American Midwest, Logan Mize is writing his own musical story. Nobody In Nashville, the 26-year-old’s sophomore album, blends themes of Texas artists like Pat Green and Reckless Kelly with the steady-rockin’ approach of Heartland icons like Tom Petty and John Mellencamp. The result is a thumping 10-song collection on life, love, the road and why a little self-reflection can be a good thing.

Hailing from Kansas, it makes sense that the big guitar sounds that carried classics like Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” and “Runnin’ Down A Dream” would have an effect on the young singer/songwriter. On Nobody In Nashville, songs like “State of Your Heart” and “High & Dry” prominently feature a loud and proud rhythm section while Logan’s seasoned rasp recalls Pat Green with hints of Lone Star native Robert Earl Keen. On “Hey Carolina,” a midtempo break-up song full of highway imagery, Logan sings out, Hey Carolina, I never needed you anyway / The February weather’s nice in Kansas and I’m really okay, in true troubadour fashion. It’s lines like these that also hint at the subtle self-aware and reflective lyrics throughout the record.

I’m just three chords and one big break from telling the whole world the honest truth, Logan sings on the amped up title-cut “Nobody In Nashville.” While he’s discussing the loneliness that comes with heartbreak, there’s also an undercurrent of awareness of where he’s at in his career. Later in the album, on the reflective and wishful “Rock N Roll Band,” Logan admits, I’ve been 16 now for most of my life, singing about his dream of making the big time. Lines like these can pass in an instant, but they offer a unique glimpse at the artist himself.

Logan wrote or co-wrote every song on Nobody In Nashville in addition to co-producing the record with Daniel Tashian. While the tempo of the record maintains its heightened pulse throughout, the album’s strongest tracks come during the second half. “Sunflowers,” which might be the album’s best song, sets off a string of highlights that carries through to the end. They say some souls were just born to run, Logan sings on the galloping “Sunflowers,” before offering the warm line, I’m drawn to the West where I come from like a sunflower follows the sun. The building energy and youthful nostalgia of “Good Life” is contagious, and really, how can you beat a song that works in a subtle reference to the classic Chevy Chase comedy National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? See if you can spot it. It’s quick, but it’s there.

Logan sets himself apart from other Music Row artists on Nobody In Nashville. Even collaborations with hit Nashville songwriters like Liz Rose (co-writer of ACM Song of the Year “Crazy Girl” by Eli Young Band) on “I Remember Everything” take on Logan’s distinctive drawl and full-throttle sound as he sings, I remember everything burning like a candle at the back of my mind. And on Nobody In Nashville, the candle burns with an infectious energy through Logan’s sharp tongue and musical urgency.

Key Tracks – “Sunflowers,” “Good Life,” “I Give In,” “Rock N Roll Band”


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Mar 27

Eli Young Band Still Starstruck at ACM Awards

Eli Young Band photo courtesy of HBPR.

Eli Young Band is heading to Vegas for the ACM Awards on Sunday with three nominations under their belt. They’re up for Vocal Group of the Year, as well as Single Record and Song of the Year for their hit “Crazy Girl.” Even though they’re well-represented on the nominee list, they still have trouble believing they belong.

“I think we still definitely feel like outsiders a bit too when we’re there,” Chris Thompson said. “I mean, you’re sitting next to the top country music performers and entertainers and we’re still always kind of in awe and looking around saying ‘look who’s over there and look who we’re sitting next to.’”

Besides enjoying the ACMs, they’re also looking forward to hitting up a few casinos while in town. “You know, roulette and blackjack, you’ll find us spread out around the casino but I think we’ve been pretty smart in the past about when we are there,” Mike Eli said. “When one of us wins, we’ve been pretty good at walking away.” Continue Reading


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Feb 14

Eli Young Band Thankful for Understanding Wives

Eli Young Band photo courtesy of HBPR.

Being the spouse of a musician comes with sacrifices, including being apart on days like Valentine’s Day. Luckily, the guys of Eli Young Band have some pretty understanding wives. James Young is the most recent band member to get married, tying the knot of February 4 — and Chris Thompson has only been married for about six months, but he has an idea why their marriages work.

“We married women who have been around us for quite a while and who really understand what we do and everything was really nothing new to them when they said yes,” Chris said. Bandmate Mike Eli, who has been married more than a year, agrees. “They have to be extremely understanding ladies to be able to be with us in the first place with as much as we travel and as much as they have to put up with,” he said.

A key to making all of their marriages work is to communicate. While that means a lot of long distance phone calls from the road, it also means breaking the news that the band will be gone on holidays.

Continue Reading


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Jan 5

Lee Brice Announces Engagement

Lee Brice & Sara Reeveley

Lee Brice & Sara Reeveley photo courtesy of Webster & Associates.

Congratulations to Lee Brice and his new fiancee, Sara Reeveley! Lee celebrated the New Year by popping the big question to longtime girlfriend, Sara, the mother of the couple’s 3 year-old son, Takoda. The couple was on vacation in Key West Florida when Lee proposed on January 2, 2012. A date has not yet been set.

Sara, 29, an Ohio native, and Lee, 32, originally from South Carolina, have known each other for 13 years. The couple’s long-term romance began when they met on a beach in South Carolina. Sara was only 18 at the time.

Lee’s current single, “A Woman Like You,” is climbing the Billboard Country Song chart and is currently at No. 26. In 2011, he was nominated for three ACM Awards for his Top 5 Billboard country song, “Love Like Crazy,” (two for Single of the Year, and one for Song of the Year.) “Love Like Crazy” was also named Billboard’s Most Played Song of 2010. In addition, in 2011 Lee also co-wrote the Eli Young Band’s breakthrough No. 1 hit, “Crazy Girl.”

“I finally get to marry that beautiful girl I met on Myrtle Beach years ago,” said Lee. “I can’t wait to get Sara and Takoda to Nashville so we can all be together.”


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Aug 22

GAC Album Review: Eli Young Band’s Life At Best

Eli Young Band

Eli Young Band's 2011 CD, Life At Best. Photo by Jeremy Cowart, courtesy of Republic Nashville.

Eli Young Band returns with their brand of Texas Country on Life At Best, the quartet’s fourth full-length studio album, and their first with the Republic Nashville label. Based in Denton, Texas, EYB builds on the loose country/rock vibe of 2008’s Jet Black & Jealous with fourteen songs highlighted by Tom Petty-esque grooves, insightful lyrics and the comfortable ease of a band that understands each other’s nuances.

A single acoustic guitar opens the record on the lead track “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” before singer Mike Eli’s fluid vocal enters to describe a young boy being helplessly wrapped up in music, from steel guitars to Memphis all the way to rock and roll. That line goes a long way to describe EYB’s sound as the band (made up of lead guitarist James Young, bassist Jon Jones and drummer Chris Thompson) breaks in on the chorus with a heartland rhythm section and ringing guitars a la Petty’s “American Girl.” The hard-hitting drums and locked electric/acoustic guitars of title track, “Life At Best,” show the band’s love for uptempo country/rock as they support the song’s message of joy and pain all being part of truly living. The group’s quick, rhythmic left turn through the pre-chorus works nicely to give the song additional depth while bassist Jon Jones’ smooth playing through the breakdown anchor the track before taking off again towards the song’s exciting climax.

On “Skeletons,” slightly distorted guitar notes ring through the verse as Mike’s vocal delivery sounds completely at ease admitting, Continue Reading


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Aug 1

Eli Young Band “Crazy” Over First Gold Single

Eli Young Band photo by Jeremy Cowart.

Eli Young Band’s “Crazy Girl” has been certified Gold by the RIAA for sales of over 500,000 downloads. The band has sold nearly 600,000 copies of the song through digital retailers. It is the first Gold single for the band and the lead single from their debut album for Republic Nashville, Life At Best, due out August 16.

“Gold rocks!” said drummer Chris Thompson. “You grow up hearing about artists going gold and dream of what it would be like. Gold has always been such a measure of success.” Lead singer Mike Eli echoes the sentiment. “It’s pretty cool that the single went gold before the record even came out,” he said. Continue Reading


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Jul 25

Eli Young Band Explains How They Got Their Name

Eli Young Band

Eli Young Band photo by Jeremy Cowart.

When people hear the Eli Young Band for the first time, they probably wonder which of the four is Eli. None of them, however, are ‘Eli.’ Members Mike, Jon, Chris and James met and began performing together when they were in college and the name more or less created itself.

“At the time everybody called James ‘Young James’ because he’s James Young and everybody called [Mike] Eli, so everybody was saying let’s go out and see Eli and Young play tonight, so that’s really where the name comes from,” Jon explained. Continue Reading


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