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Jun 7

GAC Album Review: The Grascal’s Dance Til Your Stockings Are Hot And Ravelin’

Photo courtesy of So Much Moore Media & Marketing.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Andy Griffith Show, The Grascals pay tribute to the classic program with a collection of traditional bluegrass tunes taken mostly from the series itself — the EP Dance ‘Til Your Stockings are Hot and Ravelin’.

“All of us are huge fans of the show,” says The Grascals bass player Terry Smith. “We even have trivia contests with our audiences on the road.”

This kind of enthusiasm is heard all throughout the 7-song EP, on which the Grammy-nominated musicians transport the listener back in time to when the songs were first heard.

“Boil Them Cabbage Down” opens with a fiddle sounding the alarm to get everyone involved before banjo, mandolin, bass and guitars jump in. “Boil them cabbage down, bake them biscuits brown,” guitar players Terry Eldgredge and Jamie Johnson, along with Terry Smith, sing in textured three-part harmony. Continue Reading


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