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Mar 11

Taylor Swift & Kenny Chesney Top Billboard’s Top 40 Money Makers List

Taylor Swift & Kenny Chesney Top Billboard's Top 40 Money Makers List

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of Erickson Public Relations.

Two of country music’s biggest superstars have topped Billboard’s annual Top 40 Money Makers list. Taylor Swift takes the crown as the highest, earning $39,699,575.60 in 2013 while Kenny Chesney comes in at No. 2, racking up $32,956,240.70 last year. Billboard used data supplied by Nielsen SoundScan to calculate earnings from touring, recorded-music sales, publishing royalties and revenue from digital music and video streaming.

While Taylor can report strong earnings on everything from music sales to branding and sponsorship, touring was where she padded her bank account last year. The North American leg of her international Red Tour made an estimated $30 million, not counting integrated sponsorships and retail booth revenue which is estimated to have brought in an additional $10 million gross. Continue Reading


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Feb 10

Kenny Chesney Becomes Honorary Board Member of Building Conservation Trust

Kenny Chesney Becomes Honorary Board Member of Building Conservation Trust

Kenny Chesney photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

Kenny Chesney has joined the Building Conservation Trust, the national marine habitat program of the Coastal Conservation Association, as an honorary board member. Founded in 2010, the Trust supports projects that “revitalize critical habitat and establish a vibrant foundation for the marine ecosystem.”

“We have come to a place where everyone needs to get involved if the oceans, the beaches, the sea life is important to us as human beings,” Kenny said. “No one person can save the world – or the water. But in creating alliances, bringing people who care together and creating projects that can have an impact we start to slowly protect and build up this important natural resource.” Continue Reading


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Jan 3

Taylor Swift & Kenny Chesney Among Top 20 Worldwide Tours of 2013

Taylor Swift & Kenny Chesney Among Top 20 Worldwide Tours of 2013

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of Erickson Public Relations.

Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney have landed on Pollstar’s Top 20 Worldwide Tours of 2013. The year was a record one for the global concert industry with the Top 20 Tours taking in $2.43 billion in primary ticket sales, a 24 percent increase over 2012, according to Pollstar. Taylor’s RED Tour came in at No. 8 on the list while Kenny’s No Shoes Nation Tour came in at No. 15.

Bon Jovi was the top tour of the year. The band’s $259.5 million total gross was not only the most for any artist across all genres, it was also the band’s highest in its career. Newcomers to the list included One Direction at No. 10 and Bruno Mars at No. 17. Continue Reading


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Dec 18

Great American Country’s Top 10 Albums of 2013

While several conversations this year focused on the struggle that women artists face on the country music charts, female artists delivered some of the best albums of 2013. From Kacey Musgraves to Ashley Monroe and Brandy Clark, it’s been a banner year for female country singers. Gritty realism and emotional honesty marked many of the year’s best albums  – be they from women or men – in what has been a tremendous year for the genre. And as the year comes to a close, we offer our look at the Best Country Albums of 2013 in no particular order. As is the case with all Top 10 lists, some very worthy projects can’t be included. So if your favorite album of the year isn’t on here, let us know what you’ve been listening to all year long by leaving a comment!

GAC Album Review: Brandy Clark's 12 Stories

Brandy Clark’s 2013 album, 12 Stories. Photo courtesy of Shore Fire Media.

Brandy Clark 12 Stories

Nashville singer/songwriter Brandy Clark’s debut album is so honest that some listeners might be left speechless. Using mostly traditional arrangements that recall greats from Waylon Jennings to Roseanne Cash, Brandy spins one moral dilemma after another on 12 Stories with a razor sharp eye for character development. Read our original review here >> From cheatin’ songs like “What’ll Keep Me Out Of Heaven” and “Illegitimate Children” to tales of revenge (“Crazy Women”) and addiction (“Take A Little Pill”), Brandy’s ever-so-smart wordplay and talent for rich storytelling are captivating. Country fans might be unknowingly familiar with her songwriting (Brandy co-wrote Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” in addition to The Band Perry’s “Better Dig Two” and Reba McEntire’s “The Day She Got Divorced”), and that same wry humor is on display here. In the old school Western “Stripes,” mortal revenge will not be carried out because those prison jumpsuits are just too unflattering. No crime of passion’s worth a crime of fashion, Brandy sings with a sardonic twist as she delivers one of country music’s best debuts in recent memory. Key Tracks – “Stripes,” “Hungover,” “Pray To Jesus,” “Crazy Women”

Continue Reading


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Dec 18

Kenny Chesney’s “Spread The Love” Part of The Foundation for a Better Life’s PSAs

Kenny Chesney's "Spread The Love" Part of The Foundation for a Better Life's PSAs

Kenny Chesney photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

When Kenny Chesney finished writing “Spread the Love,” a song the Wailers had started several years earlier, he never thought it would end up as a cornerstone of his Spread The Love fund to aid the amputee victims of the Boston Marathon. He definitely never thought The Foundation for a Better Life, an organization devoted to positive messages, would build their 2014 PSA campaign around it.

“When I wrote the song, I just wanted to capture the truth that I find in the Wailers’ music,” Kenny said. “It’s very simple things: love people, share and embrace each other. The Wailers were a very powerful force of how people look at the world and each other, how we should treat each other. I wanted to carry that forward.” Continue Reading


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Nov 28

Justin Moore Is Thankful His Career Took So Long

Justin Moore Is Thankful His Career Took So Long

Justin Moore photo by Kristin Barlowe, courtesy of BMLG.

With four No. 1 hits and a successful headlining tour, not to mention his wife and two daughters, Justin Moore has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. This year though, he is thankful for something he didn’t understand, nor like, early in his career.

“I heard Kenny Chesney in an interview a long time ago, before I even got into this business, say that he had the luxury of not happening overnight,” he said. “And at the time I’m going, ‘What in the heck is he talking about? That’d be great.’”

Years later, with a career that has built slowly but steadily, Justin gets what Kenny was talking about back then. “We haven’t happened overnight and it’s been gradual, and even with all the success we’ve had, we’ve kind of flown under the radar,” he said. “At times it was frustrating and at times it still is.  But it’s been a blessing because I’ve learned how to handle all of this.” Continue Reading


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Nov 19

George Strait Announces All-Star Lineup for Final Concert

George Strait Announces All-Star Lineup for Final Concert

George Strait photo by Jill Trunnell, courtesy of Essential Broadcast Media.

George Strait has scheduled his final concert for June 7, 2014 at the 100,000 seat AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The show, which wraps his The Cowboy Rides Away Tour, will feature an all-star lineup including Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Sheryl Crow, Ronnie Dunn, Vince Gill, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride and Lee Ann Womack, who will each play three songs.

Tickets for the highly anticipated show will go on sale to the public Friday, December 6 at 10 a.m. CT and can be purchased through George Strait’s official website. Asleep At The Wheel will be the opening act for the concert. Continue Reading


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Oct 31

Kenny Chesney’s Sunday Morning Special To Air November 3

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

Fans had expected to see Kenny Chesney on CBS’ Sunday Morning earlier this fall, but his segment is now set to air this Sunday, November 3. In the feature, Kenny takes the CBS News crew along with him for an emotional trip to Boston Medical Center to meet those benefiting from his Spread the Love Fund, which supports ongoing care for amputee victims from the Boston Marathon bombing. Crews also follow along as he wrapped his No Shoes Nation Tour.

“I knew when they decided to come back, they weren’t looking for a ride on the gator,” Kenny said of his second time appearing on the show. “I’ve grown a lot as an artist, as a person since that first one – and I think that maybe intrigued them. A lot of soul searching goes into what we do, and what we’re doing in Boston in terms of the city, the fans and the Fund, especially.”

Kenny has covered a lot of ground in 2013. He released his latest album, Life On A Rock, launched Blue Chair Bay Rum and launched the Spread The Love Fund. He also spent April through August on his No Shoes Nation Tour which played for more than 1.25 million fans and included 19 NFL stadium stops.

Kenny’s first Sunday Morning special aired eight years ago and followed a man on the verge of superstardom as he set out to play his first stadiums. His new piece looks at a more reflective artist balancing the demands of his career with his desire to give back, make a different and go deeper into his creative process. He hopes the piece reminds people that the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing will need support for the rest of their lives.

“Watching what happened on TV, as the entire nation did, really threw me,” Kenny said. “But meeting these amazing people who’re putting their lives together, hearing their stories and seeing how they approach getting their lives back… I was moved beyond words.”

Kenny plans to take 2014 off from touring in order to focus on his next album.


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Oct 18

Kenny Chesney Helps Build Two Reefs in Jacksonville’s St John River

Kenny Chesney Helps Build Two Reefs in Jacksonville's St John River

Kenny Chesney photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

Kenny Chesney’s love of the ocean, the islands and being out on the water inspired the Luttrell, Tennessean to get involved with the Coastal Conservation Association’s project to place two man-made reefs in the heart of St John’s River, less than half a mile from the downtown I-95 bridge. Teaming with the national Building Conservation Trust, Kenny is matching the funds raised to help CCA complete their project.

“When you can have a hand in stewarding the health of the ocean,” Kenny said, “you’re insuring the survival of something very necessary for all of us, whether you’re a beach person or someone that won’t go near the water. The ecological balance is very delicate, especially in Florida, so I am honored to help them achieve this goal.”

The reefs – which will measure roughly 200 feet by 200 feet – will be composed of more than 30,000 cubic feet of concrete rubble.  Less than a mile from the nearest boat ramp, Jacksonville University will spend the next two years studying the impact of these structures on the surrounding areas.

“The material is going to be carefully arranged so that there will be no issues with clearance from the surface, but there will be areas with three to four feet of relief from the bottom intermixed with open spaces to create an ideal habitat for fish,” said CCA’s local  project spearhead Peyton Scheppe. “The area now is basically just an open sandbar so the transformation is going to be fascinating.”

These reefs are easily accessible by small boats and will provide much needed habitat and improved fishing in this section of the river, which is approximately 20 miles inland from the Atlantic.

“Costa asked me what I wanted to do with the money raised through our sunglasses last year,” said Kenny, “and I told them I’d like what we do to be something that renews the waterways, so people can enjoy them the way so many of my friends and fans do. To protect the oceans, bays and rivers is our responsibility – and I’m glad we can make a difference in the St. John River.”

Drawing inspiration from life on the water, the 8-time Academy of Country Music/Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year hopes to insure the future of the oceans and beaches. Earlier this year, Kenny donated a portion of the sales from Life On A Rock, his 7th Billboard Top 200 Albums No. 1 debut, to the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park to help defray the costs of nature preservation.

Now that his No Shoes Nation 2013 Tour has played to over 1.25 million fans at 19 stadiums, Kenny is taking a hiatus before releasing his “Spread the Love” video, shot with the Wailers across historic Jamaica. The clip – along with downloads of the single track, unisex and girly t-shirts – support Chesney’s Spread the Love Fund to benefit the amputee victims of the Boston Bombing.

“Just because I’m taking a minute to exhale before getting back to music,” says Kenny, “doesn’t mean I’m any less committed to the world I live in! In some ways, when I pause I feel even more connected – and certainly more able to invest in some of these projects that we might miss in the rush of all the business.”


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Aug 26

Kenny Chesney Wraps No Shoes Nation Tour; Shares “Off Tour” Photos

Kenny Chesney Wraps No Shoes Nation Tour; Shares "Off Tour" Photos

Kenny Chesney photo courtesy of

When Kenny Chesney wrapped up his No Shoes Nation Tour with a two-night stand at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts last weekend, he wasted no time getting back to the sand and sea. “Off tour,” Kenny tweeted on Sunday, with this accompanying photo:

Kenny Chesney is enjoying life off the road.

Photo courtesy of

A short time later that day, he tweeted this one, saying “Off tour again”: Continue Reading


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