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Aug 25

Sunny Sweeney Releases Album Where It All Began

Sunny Sweeney photo courtesy of Republic Nashville.

Sunny Sweeney recently celebrated the release of her new album, Concrete, in the place it all began – her hometown of Longview, Texas. “I fought to be in Longview for the album’s debut,” Sunny told the News-Journal. “This is where my roots are. It’s important to me that I share my success with people who helped make it possible.”

Born and raised in East Texas, Sunny’s father, Patrick Sweeney, can remember the talent show at Trinity School of Texas where Sunny first performed.

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“I was sitting in the audience, really wowed by some of the talent,” he said. “Some of them were really good — had their own soundtracks. I was wondering what Sunny was going to do, I mean, I knew she was going to sing, but I didn’t think she had anything so glamorous set up as what I was seeing and hearing. In fact, I thought I might be embarrassed. But then she came out, and she really, really wowed me. You could tell the entire audience was loving it. I was loving it. And I thought she really was talented. So, I went from thinking that I might be embarrassed to thinking she was really the hit of the show.” Continue Reading


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