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Dec 7

Taylor Swift Talks Growing Up & Role Models

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 02: Taylor Swift attends the Billboard's Sixth Annual Women in Music event at the Capitale on December 2, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift was recently named Billboard’s Woman of the Year and received her award during Billboard’s annual Women In Music event on December 2 in New York City. The ceremony took place just a few weeks after the five-year anniversary of when Taylor’s self-titled debut album hit store shelves when she was 16. Just shy of turning 22, Taylor contemplated where she falls between ‘girl’ and ‘woman’ during an interview with Billboard.

“Growing up in this position, making music, writing songs and having everyone hear what I’m going through since I was about 16 years old, now I’m 21 about to be 22, I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” Taylor said. “On a scale of being a girl or teenager or woman, I never tried to be the one to label myself which of those three I was. I’ve just tried to grow up in the most natural and gradual process that I possibly can and make choices I feel are right for me and my fans. Whether I’m a woman now, or whatever, is up to my fans to decide, not for me.”

Being in the spotlight, Taylor is aware of her status of a role model for young girls all over the world. As an artist, she listed Faith Hill, Shawn Colvin, Kris Kristofferson and actress Reese Witherspoon as people she looks up to. On the business side of things, she named Kenny Chesney as her role model.

“Seeing a live Kenny Chesney show, you know what you’re going to get,” Taylor told Billboard. “You know it’s going to be an all-day party. He loves to sing about things he’s passionate about, and he’s made a brand without seeming like it’s a brand. I love that he’s gotten to a place where he can play such huge stadiums, and even when he’s supposedly taking downtime, he’s playing stadiums. He’s always been a huge hero of mine.” Continue Reading


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Nov 19

Taylor Swift Profiled On ’60 Minutes’

Taylor Swift on the set of 60 Minutes. Image courtesy of CBS.

Taylor Swift will be profiled on Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes on CBS. The segment will include concert and backstage footage from Taylor’s Speak Now World Tour, an in-depth interview and a first-ever glimpse inside Taylor’s Nashville condominium. The special airs November 20 at 7/6 CT.

In a preview clip released by 60 Minutes, Taylor talks with reporter Lesley Stahl about being a role model. “I definitely think about a million people when I’m getting dressed in the morning, that’s just part of my life now,” Taylor said.” I think it’s my responsibility to know it, to be cautious of it.”

Watch the preview: Continue Reading


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Nov 18

Listen To An Exclusive Live Track From Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of Big Machine Records.

Taylor Swift will release her live CD/DVD collection, Speak Now World Tour – Live, on Monday, November 21 and to celebrate, has an exclusive on-demand stream of the live performance audio of “Sparks Fly,” straight from the CD/DVD! You can listen to this exclusive track all weekend on her official GAC artist page.

Drop Everything and Listen Now »

Watch Taylor’s LIVE video for “Sparks Fly” »

The Speak Now World Tour – Live DVD component features highlights from Taylor’s Speak Now World Tour captured from several tour stops around the world, all 18 songs from the Speak Now concert and an exclusive look behind the scenes as Taylor brings her songs to life on stage, from the performances and instrumentation to the staging, lighting, costumes and choreography. There are also home movie clips from Taylor throughout the DVD.

The CD component includes just under 80 minutes of music, including concert versions of several tracks from Taylor’s Speak Now album. The CD also includes three cover songs from Taylor, taken from moments in her show when she does her version of her favorite songs by other artists. This is the first release of live music from Taylor.  Continue Reading


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Oct 25

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Tour Only Looks Effortless

Taylor Swift on stage in Seoul, South Korea on the Asian leg of her 2011 Speak Now World Tour. Photo courtesy of

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now World Tour is a complex production that Taylor, her band, dancers and crew make look effortless night in and night out. The tour was far from effortless to plan, however, and despite how easy Taylor makes it look, she spent nearly a year preparing for the show.

“Putting together this tour was something that took about a year,” Taylor said. “This tour is incredibly detailed and it took a while to really get all the pieces put together. That involved me learning how to be hoisted out of a pop up lift, like you’re being launched out of a catapult, launched out of the floor and all those little things that just kind of elevated this show and made it special.” Continue Reading


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Sep 22

Taylor Swift Shares Beauty Tips with Allure

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of Big Machine Records.

Taylor Swift spends a lot of time getting glammed up for performances and award shows and has picked up a lot of beauty tips over the years. In this month’s Allure magazine, Taylor answered readers’ beauty questions and shared some of her own tips.

One reader has the same naturally curly hair as Taylor and wanted to know what Taylor’s secret is to having near perfect ringlets. “My hair is naturally curly, so some days I just let it be,” Taylor said. “But when I wake up and my hair looks like a mess, I curl my hair by wrapping the hair around the curling iron to create a spiral look. I don’t use any hair products because I have this fear of putting too much mousse in it or something and my hair ending up feeling crunchy.”

Watch Taylor’s “Sparks Fly” video now! >>

A couple fans asked Taylor about her skin care regime. She told the magazine she puts on cream at night before bed and then again in the mornings. She also doesn’t mind being pale. Continue Reading


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Sep 21

Taylor Swift to Release First-Ever Concert CD & DVD Set

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of Big Machine Records.

Four-time GRAMMY winner Taylor Swift announced today that CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray sets of her SPEAK NOW WORLD TOUR will be available in stores and at online retailers on November 21, the day before the US tour wraps with the second of two sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden.

Watch Our Fan Q&A With Taylor >>

Sold as a CD/DVD or CD/Blu-ray combo-pak, the SPEAK NOW WORLD TOUR – LIVE set will be released on Big Machine Records. Taylor made the announcement this morning with a special video greeting to fans. Watch it below! Continue Reading


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