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Dec 28

Lisa King from Farm Kings Answers Fan Questions

Lisa King

Lisa King

GAC recently hosted a Facebook chat with Lisa King, matriarch of the King family from the hit series Farm Kings. From the first episode of Season 1, which introduced Lisa and her family, fans have wondered about her farm life, her immaculate flower gardens and of course, her relationship with her nine sons and one daughter.

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Before moving on to Season 2, we wanted to let fans spend some time with “Mama Bear” to ask her some questions. As expected, Lisa’s answers were as genuine and honest as we’ve come to know her to be on the show. If you missed the chat, we’ve got all the questions and answers for you right here!

How do you stay in such great shape and look so young after having 10 kids?
Lisa Rock)

Lisa King: You are so kind! I never sit and eat. I try to eat all healthy, meat & veggies. Sorry to say, the older we get the less we eat and the more we active we need to be. Being pregnant for 9 years total was enough weight to carry, with some of the babies weighing up to 10 1/2 lbs!

Mama King, what’s it like to have such a large family that lives, works together and has ever-growing success? And now that y’all are on TV, is it hard to get any real work done?
Rob Salyers)

LK: I have to be honest, I don’t think we think about it. And success will be when we are out of debt! In regards to the show, we had pause in our working day but it only made us make up for lost time & work harder. Frustrating, but worth it!

How did you instill such a strong sense of work ethic, responsibility, and family in your children? I have a hard time getting my kids off the couch and would love some advice.
Nancy Moore)

LK: It has to start at a young age, that is the key, but my advice is take away all hand controls and hide them. If they can use a computer they can do laundry. Even Ben Does. America is losing its work ethic. Try to get them involved with people like elderly and disabled people, at least once a week. Please be strong and use couch time as a reward. Your kids will always remember your strength.

What’s your favorite family tradition?
Amy DesOrmeaux)

LK: Christmas Eve is our happiest time to be together with the outdoors brought in and simple candles, lights, and a great meal. We have a longtime tradition of grab bag gifts with lots of hugs and kisses always shared with my brother John and family. We laugh and enjoy a whole lot of life that night.

What is a favorite memory you have of your kids when they weren’t doing something farm related?
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Sep 18

The Farm Kings Count Down GAC’s Top 10 Farm Videos

Farm Kings

GAC's Top 10 Down on the Farm countdown airs Thursday, September 20 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Who better to host GAC’s Top 10 Down on the Farm videos than actual farmers? And not just any farmers — these hosts are Joe, Tim, Pete and Dan King — stars of the upcoming GAC series, Farm Kings!

Along with their mother and six other siblings, the King brothers grow and sell 35 types of produce and raise chickens on their Freedom Farms near Pittsburgh, PA. The four oldest brothers recently took time out of their busy schedule to count down the top 10 farm videos, chosen by YOU. Filmed in a beautiful field at Freedom Farms, the Kings will reveal Continue Reading


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